Between Two Majorities: A Timeline

This is a compendium of posts I have made predicting the trajectory of American politics, culture, technology, and economics between 2014 and 2030. The years between 2014 and 2016 feature the Presidential victory of Scott Walker. At the time I wrote that, President Trump was not a candidate or reported to be a potential candidate. However, I have kept the articles untouched to demonstrate that the forces propelling Donald Trump exist outside his Presidency and are bigger than just the man.

Any edits will be grammar or minor edits to make the stories clearer. Articles will be uploaded here as time goes on. All articles are copyrighted to the author (C) “BetweenTwoMajorities.”

Please ignore the dates. The project was begun in December 2014 and completed around February 2017 but I altered the dates to make it chronological.  (Also I don’t want to have to do a WordPress Plugin and installation and all that). 

I have chosen to keep all mistakes, errors, and the like, to showcase my thinking at the time, and how they turned out right/wrong.


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